Q: Why are you doing this? This is madness! A:
No. This is Sparta. Just kidding, it's actually a webpage. Also, I know of no legitimate source for decent quality music that can be used for any application without worrying about licensing, attribution issues, or random crap like a potential P.R.O breathing down your neck every step of the way.

For instance, let's say you want to host a radio show where you simply don't have time to provide attribution to a million sundry royalty-free content sources at the very end. Well, even if you opt to use a source like Kevin MacLeod's stuff (a super popular option for free commercial music content I'll admit), you're still stuck with an extra licensing expense now. What if you need to cut a very quick client commercial intended for broadcast? Have you seen most broadcast licenses? Costs are typically NOT insignificant.
Having previously worked in roles covering everything from client-services to IT admin to content development to project management to consumer electronics product line ownership, I get that a company might go from a $20k budget for a single one-off expense to squinting at a small slew of $20 (and up) license fees. It SUCKS.
There are a lot of reasons why I'm doing this. One...I don't believe anyone else is (at least at this level of licensing freedom), two...I've written scads of music over my lifetime and honestly most of it is accomplishing nothing for anyone, and three...it's nice to give back in some way to the content dev world where I know budgets can be tight, room for a legal mis-step is virtually non-existent, and things need to be ready yesterday.
My hope here is that this will help with that. Download everything here and use it however you would like for forever. I'm stipulating that the license terms are perpetual until the heat-death of the universe.
Q: Cool. Can I re-distribute your music from my own website? It gets eleventy-gazillion hits a day and is très chic. A:
Potentially. Shoot me a message @ info@supergoodsound.com if you want to do this. I would just want to make sure an appropriate type of attribution and description of the content is provided in such a situation.
Q: Is this under a Creative Commons license? A:
No. I don't like the requirement of jumping straight from CC0 (Public Domain) where the content originator relenquishes complete control to BY (Attribution alone) where the end-user now has to provide attribution.

To me, this bridges a gap of a license type that doesn't really exist in a practical sense. I don't want to give up the actual core copyright because I think having some level of control over distribution channels is nice but I also want to make sure people profit like hell from the raw content.
Additionally, I see this website as a bit of a branding experiment. If it works, I'll expand the types of media that are available.
Q: What file types are provided for download? A:
I'm currently providing both high-quality .wav (16 bit / 44 khz / stereo) and a 192 kbps .mp3 (LAME-encoded) downloads for each file.
Q: Are there acoustic watermarks on any of the files? You're not secretly tracking my media use... are you? A:
No. That'd be a bitch move and I'm all about cool shit so rest easy friendo.
Q: Is there is ANY limitation to how the media can be used? A:
I mean I would really prefer if you didn't use this stuff in illegal crap like snuff films and beheadings but I'm not Linda Clarke so I can't exactly stop you.

Let's just try not to be dicks to each other mmkay?
Q: I'm a contract designer. Can I use this stuff for client-projects? A:
Hell yeah you can. Save those pennies for Photoshop plugins and a new 8K monitor or some ish.
Q: ...and you're totally sure I don't need to provide attribution? A:
100 zillion % sure. Yeah. I mean you certainly CAN provide attribution but again it's your prerogative.
Q: I'm a famous pop star. Can I write vocals over one of your tracks, release the master recording on my label, and make a billion dollars? A:
Ummm, YES YOU CAN. WHOOOOO. But if your name is Ariana Grande I would seriously love to do coffee sometime (big fan) so maybe hit me up.

No but seriously. You can totally do this and yes you would own the "master recording" but not the core instrumental content (of course) so be aware that someone else could still potentially do the exact same thing with different lyrics and vocal recording.
Q: Wait...even if I make an actual BILLION DOLLARS?? A:
Yeah, whatever. Do your thing. Get money.
Q: Should I donate money to your cause? A:
I'd love to upgrade servers and maybe just f**k around with this project full-time so sure, why not.

Q: Are you sure you wrote all this? A:
Yup. Composition and mixing is maybe a bit of an addiction at this point for me.

Plus I've been writing music since I was 6 years old so I had a pretty good head start.
Q: I want to donate my own music to your grand scheme/low-key world-domination plan. Can I do that? A:
Ehhh. This is kinda tricky because I don't know you and there are (unfortunately) a LOT of less than reputable producers I've dealt with in the past who use all kind of cracked software and steal/"repurpose" musical content.

No offense. But I'm going to say hard pass on this one. The whole point here is to encourage a higher degree of legitimacy for content devs and I don't really want to risk it.
Q: Is there a limit to the amount of money I can make off your (ostensibly) hard work? A:
Yeah. You can't make more than 6 trillion USD (net) unless you personally come to my house and fix me a delicious grilled cheese sammich. Sorry, not going to budge on this one.
Q: Can I pretend I own copyright on your content and register the raw source material with a P.R.O and/or Youtube Content ID? A:
If I ever meet you in real life and your car flips over into a ditch and catches fire I might hesitate very briefly before calling 911.

(No. Plus I can prove I'm the content owner so don't be a dick.)

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