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Foley, logos, idents, and more...

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How is this possible?

Free Commercial Music contains the media overflow of SuperGoodSound. We simply have too much music and stock audio to really monetize, so you benefit. Additionally, we realize content licensing is kinda a giant bowl of legal crapola (one that is, frankly, super not fun to dive into).

Worried about content legitimacy? Don't.

The music featured on Free Commercial Music is written, produced, and mixed from scratch by a single (industry veteran) author with a properly licensed plugin arsenal. He doesn't believe in rogue or sketchy content sources. That means no cracked software, no mis-licensed samples, no iffy 3rd party Kontakt banks. This is free licensing done right so you can do the same.

No login requirements means no email abuse which means no privacy concerns.

Hate finding great free content sources that still want your email? We don't care. Here... have free stuff. No seriously. Just use it. Do cool things. If you crank something out of the park with the help of this site then fantastic. If you win an Emmy and decide to send us a donation then whatever that's your perogative. Neato.

Terms of Use? Do ANYTHING

Well alright just don't resell the raw content as if you were the copyright holder of the content (cuz you're not and that would be a dick move). Just send people back here to grab it themselves. Besides that do whatever: don't provide attribution (at ALL), incorporate it in ANY media type (and then sell that media to ANYONE), heck - even broadcast it to ALL 8 billion of earth's inhabitants at once if you like. Go freaking bananas.